The VW Golf Mk3 (1992-1998)

               The Volkswagen Golf MK3 (1992-1998)

 Welcome to my site all about the Mk3 Golf.. the site will include reference material and helpfull information, that hopefully will give a background into the "unloved" Golf! 

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A back ground into the sporty Model's........


The Golf Mk3 made its home-market début in August 1991 while the Uk had to wait until January 1992 with the first Gti models having a 115bhp 2.0 8v engine that was designed for safety and comfort which meant it didn't offer the driving experience of the mk2. (hence it recieving bad reviews from the press).

In January 1993 (1994 for the Uk) vw launched the 16v abf engined version giving nearly 150bhp and at last a performance mk3 golf. (the VR6 was considered to be the cruiser model)

Model Updates: October 1994 the GTI receives Long beach alloy wheels and abs as standard fit and All models get driver airbag & engine immobiliser. July 1995 All models get oval indicators, all GTI models now have the bee sting aerial. September 1996 ABS standard fit for all models and fog lights standard on all GTI models

Colour Concept

In April 1995 VW introduced the Mk3 Golf GTI 8v 'Colour Concept' which combined a limited range of body colours with matching leather Recaro interiors, all based on the 8v Mk3 Golf GTI. The Salsa Green and Yellow cars proved very difficult to sell when new as a car with just a body colour like this has a limited market let alone when the interior is equally as 'exuberant'. Flash Red and Jazz Blue (very different to the MkIV Golf shade) were reasonably popular and Diamond Black, which in a way made a mockery of the whole idea was the pick of the bunch as a black Golf GTI with a heated black leather Recaro interior is the essence of desirability and good taste. Silver instruments dials were common to all the colours and are were an acquired taste.

This model carried on to the end of Mk3 Golf production and was never available with the 16v engine which in a way was a pity.


The MK3 Golf 20th Anniversary was introduced in April 1996 as a special edition version of the MK3 Golf, celebrating 20 years of Golf production. The MK3 Anniversary came in 3 flavours. The 8v, 16v and in Europe a 110Tdi version, showing that VW weren't afraid to put a 'sports' diesel in the range.

VW brought 750 Anniversary models into the UK of which only 150 were the 16v version. 5 colours were available in 3 or 5 door guise.


Back in the late 1980s, Volkswagen spotted a market niche. Buyers were starting to move away from Golf GTis and into more expensive sports saloons, like the BMW 3 Series. So in January 1991 VW fitted a 6 cylinder in the Golf VR6 – The engine was developed as a compact 15° V Motor with 2,8l 128 KW (174 HP) The draw of a smooth and powerful six-cylinder engine was proving very tempting for many. The six-cylinder Golf VR6 appeared in 1992, and was an instant success. At a stroke, it won back old customers and lifted the Golf upmarket. A new benchmark for high performance hatchbacks had been established.

All VR6's lost the wheel arch trims in October 1995 when the side repeaters were changed to an oval clear lense but some early Highlines pre-dated this and have the rectangular orange lenses. 

VR6 Highline

In late 1995 VW launched the Golf VR6 Highline, a limited edition based on the standard car but only available in two colours, the normal Diamond Black Metallic and the very unusual Purple Violet which has never been used on any other UK VW. Both came with air conditioning as standard and matching leather interiors. Yes that does mean purple leather but thankfully it was very dark and not that garish. The carpets were also a dark purple and came with matching over mats - thankfully the dash was black though. A wooden gear knob was standard and other little tweaks were the body coloured tailgate spoiler, the smooth rear VW badge, smaller 'VR6' badges, the higher rear section of the centre console (also used on the Vento VR6) and extra door seals.

An oddity of the Highline is that it doesn't come with the plastic sill covers fitted to all other VR6's.